What is? is an independant concept based upon traditional Anarcho-Communism & Woofing ideology; very flexible. No documents, paperwork required. You are considered a friend, guest, comrade. Unfortunately I can not accept more than a few people at any given time as this house is not finished.

Not open to the general public. Socio Political discrepency: must be an anarchist. Political asylum first and foremost. 100 miles north of NYC in the Hudson Valley. Vehicle is handy.

Camping No worries. We offer free from money camping on 2 acres. All visitors are expected to engage and contribute the slightest amount. You can weed, move piles, do dishes, sweep, the list goes on and on. 30 minutes of your time each day would help everyone.

Room n board There is a house owned by a bank across the country. I live here with 1 other person. I am the steward patron. There is currently an oil burning furnace. We will all split the cost/trade skill to pay this through the cruel winter months. I am adding a wood stove and will be burning mainly wood heat in cold months. We will all share the duty of heating and maintainig a large 5 bedroom house.

Skill trade as payment:

Illustration zines, comic books, memes, etc

Programming html to php and everything in between

Painting We need the best signage to further our points

Carpentry Let’s face it; this house needs a lot of work: finishing rooms, gutters, various building, etc.. Basic skills needed.

Farming/vegetable/livestock – “ethical” practice: If you are an experienced farmer or learning apprentice.

Masonry I am a stone, foremost, and brick mason. I have 13 years experience and work alone; occasionally needing help. I am open to negotiation, but my first offer is a prevailing wage base upon your ability and aptitude that will be traded for room and board, utilities. My working wages are set low to provide quality work for the working class. We can talk money if we want to rape the rich.

Wood (firewood duty) If you are skilled with a chainsaw, axe and maul; this duty could be your main focus in lieu of money.

Rent last and least, you can pay money for a room.

not on the list? make a suggestion.

There are basic house rules to maintain functionality. Boundaries for sanity. Respect to all. If you break an anarchists rules, you break their heart. I will never ask more than what is necessary. It’s give and take. If you don’t comply, I’ll be sad af. There is always room to grow; make mistakes and learn from them. We, as leftists, always do 🙂

If any of these options inspire you, I am willfully engaging you to contact me with a letter. No short one liners. A reason. What are your goals as a human? Tell me as much as you are willing to reveal. It’s important as my housemate and I have to decide whether to open the door to you or not… Not every situation is compatible. Sometimes you find out 2 months in; we’re trying to avoid stressful situations. I could go on forever about this.